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30% plus savings against your current Life Insurance Policies* Find out how we save our Customers thousands on their Policies.

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If you're aged 55 or more you'll have noticed your Insurance Premiums exponentially increasing these last few years...

Chances are you're paying far too much on your Life Insurance premiums. 

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Yes, Calculate my Life Insurance Savings & Email the Results

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Matt Willoughby - Financial Adviser | Life & Health
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It's no secret that besides banks, Insurance companies are among the largest & most profitable businesses around.

We think everyone should get a fair deal not just big business. 

We pride ourselves on our disruptive model. We reduce our commission and pass the savings on to you! 

We have super low overheads and don't waste money on large fancy offices, silly marketing and definitely no pushy sales reps to employ here!

We specialise in Insuring those who usually need it the most yet at a time when Life Insurance normally becomes too expensive to justify!

If you are aged 55+ and already have a Life Insurance Policy in place, typically we can beat it by 20% or more*.

Customers are often surprised at how quick and easy the process is with us. That's because the process is completely Phone, Email & Internet Based.

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